The Amazing Gata Sombra

Sprite's Gata Sombra CD, RA, SchH3

Some of my favorite pix of Gata :-)

Here is a link to Gata's pedigree and a few more pictures:

Gata, affectionately known as The Amazing Gata Sombra (TAGS), is an amazing dog that has blessed my life for these last few years.  She was born on March 16, 2007 and has wormed her way into my heart from the very beginning.  I was there the night she was born.  She was the noisiest and bossiest puppy in her litter :-)  Gata was bred by Denise Fenzi of Sprite Tervuren.

Gata is a working line Belgian Tervuren.  Physically, she is an impressive female.  She stands about 24.5 inches and weighs in around 55 pounds.  She is a rich mahogany red with quite a bit of blackening and absolutely no white on her.  If I were judging her objectively, I would say that she lacks a little refinement and resembles a male, especially when compared to the showline Tervurens of the U.S. today.  I don't personally mind this at all, but objectively speaking.

What does that mean?  Her head and jaw musculature are very well developed from Schutzhund making her appear somewhat less refined than she really is.  Her eyes are a little rounded and bulge just a little, especially when she is really focused (most of the time).  Her bone, though medium, is pretty heavy for a female.

On the positive side - she moves with the fluidity of water.  I love nothing more than to watch her trot across a field.  She is GORGEOUS.  She has quite a bit of overreach at the trot for a dog.  When running she does something a little different.  I believe it is to minimize the interference that would occur if she didn't given her length of stride and freedom behind but am not absolutely sure about that.

Attitude to die for.  Gata works her heart out for me no matter what sort of silly thing I ask her to do.  Plus, she has a great "off switch" and is a dream to live with, though she does a little more alert barking than I would like in our condo environment.

Most of all, she is just a fantastic companion.  Gata goes almost everywhere with me and is definitely up to try almost anything.  And when we go home she is happy to lay at my feet or try to steal the couch from me :-)