Tor du Ciel Rouge

Tor is about 3.5 months in these pix - cute puppy stage :-)

Here is a link to Tor's pedigree:

Tor was born June 22, 2010.  According to the AKC, he is a Malinois.  Anybody outside of the U.S. would know that he is a Tervuren.  I won't quibble.  That coat and the bias against Tervs in the working Malinois community is probably the reason I got him.  Otherwise, I am sure that he would have been one of the first puppies sold from his litter.  He was bred by Augusta Farley of Ciel Rouge Malinois.

OK, I guess it is time to update this page. Tor is now about 16 months old, not a puppy anymore :-)   Though truthfully, he still acts like a puppy alot of the time :-)  Tor is a striking physical specimen - he is tall and lean, looking something like a marathon runner in canine form. He is a beautiful shade of red and has a very nice mask. His coat is a little long for a Malinois with both fringing and real tail feathers but he is still definitely light coated. I've concluded that it isn't so much that his neck is short or straight but rather that his shoulder is a little straight and he doesn't have much chest. It's not terrible but definitely there. He is also just a little straight behind.

He doesn't have the same beautiful movement that Gata does, but it is very fancy. He is much prancier than she is, not so fluid as her. But beside that, he is freakishly athletic. He is the fastest, most athletically explosive dog that I have ever seen. He goes from laying quietly (OK, that might be a stretch) on the floor at my feet to bonking me in the face with his nose in a nanosecond if I just smile at him. It's crazy! But he is so funny and affectionate. Seriously, you smile at him and he starts doing somersaults. Laugh at him and he does cartwheels. Keep laughing at his antics and he ends up in your lap smiling up at you and doing his best to do all of those things within the confines of your arms! He is a complete and total goof!

He likes to play tug with Gata using the big knotted rope tugs that you can buy at many pet stores. But he gets frustrated because he usually can't win it from her. So he chews the rope in half! In less than 2 minutes! What a complete nut! Anyway, he is quite an impressive young dog and we'll just see what he turns into over the course of the next year or so :-)

Tor is currently 6-months old so still developing both physically and mentally.  Things I know for sure at this time ...  He's got a beautiful head and eye - pretty much perfect for the breed.  His coloring is going to be quite red and I think he will have a moderate coat.  I suspect that he will blacken over time but probably not very quickly.  His structure is quite good though I think his neck is a little short and/or straight.  He is going to be medium-sized to tall.  At 6-months he is about 23 - 23.5 inches tall.

Attitude wise, he is a bit of a twirp ass punk ;-)  Basically, he is all boy and a pretty dominant boy at that ;-)   He is quite possessive of toys and especially possessive of tugs or other bite objects.  He DOES NOT like to "out" but is learning that it is a necessary part of life :-)  He is FAST and LIGHTENING QUICK.  When he jumps it is more like a Springbok going boingity boing than what you expect from a dog.  He definitely has a very sweet side to his personality as well.  Though he has opinions about things he cares very much about making me happy.  I think he will be a lot of fun and a lot of challenge to train :-)